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What to Prepare for a New Plumbing Installation?

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Before breaking ground on a new house, careful preparation and deliberation are essential. When constructing a home, it’s important to think about more than just the finishing touches, such as the plumbing, heating, and air-conditioning systems, and the building materials. If you don’t plan beforehand, building a house can be a difficult and frustrating experience. A leaky plumbing system, for instance, might lead to costly repairs from water damage. To avoid issues, make sure plumbing systems are installed correctly.

To ensure a successful and risk-free new plumbing installation in your new house, consider these recommendations.

Secure permits. Before installing plumbing, get the necessary permissions. Permits ensure that your home satisfies all code and safety standards. A permit allows professionals to assess your plumbing design for errors and prevent future pipe issues.

Consider your plumbing needs. When constructing a plumbing system, consider existing and future needs. To ensure functionality, you must decide where to build drain lines, plumbing, and sewer. Incorporate existing and future water needs into your plumbing system while you can still conveniently access it to avoid future issues. Consider your outdoor plumbing needs to ensure you have enough faucet connections. Consider the seasons to be sure your pipes can withstand harsh winter weather.

Centralize the plumbing system. Installing a plumbing system in one area simplifies future maintenance and repairs. The water softener, water heater, furnace, sewer connection, sewage ejector pit, and sump jump should be installed concurrently. The basement is the best place to put your system without becoming an eyesore. You can place them in a utility closet if you don’t have a basement.

List down rooms that need water access. When planning the configuration of your plumbing system, it’s important to take into account the needs of all the rooms. The kitchen, bathrooms, and laundry room are the three most important rooms to think about.

Accessible shut-off placement. In an emergency, you may need simple access to your main valve. You should choose an easy-to-reach location, unlike others. This allows you to rapidly shut off your plumbing system in case of a leak, busted pipe, or maintenance inspection. Accessing your plumbing system’s main valve can avoid water damage and save money.

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