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A Plumber You Can Rely on for Excellent Services In Stroudsburg, PA

Do you have issues with your plumbing system? Maybe you need a repair to be done or just standard maintenance. Whatever the job consists of, we’re the experts that you need. We’ve got a plumber on our team that can accurately tend to the job so that you’re pleased with the results. We can guarantee excellent services from start to finish, so trust us to do it all for you. B&S Plumbing LLC is a company that specializes in providing clients with exceptional results no matter what.

The Services We Offer

Plumbing Services

Plumbing Services

A plumbing system will need routine maintenance, repairs, and more to operate correctly. Whether you need our professional services for installations or another job, you can rest assured that we'll do it all for you. We'll complete it to your satisfaction from start to finish.

Water Heaters

Water Heaters

If you've got a water heater that needs to be serviced, leave it to us. We'll work on installation, repair, and maintenance projects. We realize that water heaters may be a pain to install and work on your own, which is why we can trend to the services for you.

Drain Cleaning

Drain Cleaning

From a clogged drain to one that is bringing up water instead of letting it flow down, we can handle the job. Each plumbing contractor on our team will be able to access the problem and adequately resolve the issue while also cleaning the drain as needed.

Plumbing Pumps

Plumbing Pumps

Whether you have sump pumps, sewage pumps, or transfer pumps that need to be worked on, we're the professionals that you can entirely depend on. We'll tend to the repairs and more so that everything is functioning correctly. Count on our team.

Toilet Repair

Toilet Repair

Clogged toilets, backing up toilets, leaks, and broken toilets. These are all common bathroom plumbing problems our technicians handle daily. They are well-versed in various toilet repairs and can assist with any project, big or small.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing

Residential and Commercial Plumbing

We're plumbing experts that can work on residential and commercial systems. Whether you have a new building or an older one, we'll ensure that your plumbing system is in excellent condition. Leave it all to us and watch as the job is done correctly.

The Benefits Our Experts Can Provide

From our drain cleaning services to our standard repairs, you’ll always have experts working on the job with the maximum amount of quality. We’re thorough, precise, and can always guarantee excellent results. No matter how small or complex the task is, trust that our team will work with you to get it done right. Our professionals in Stroudsburg, PA are just what you’re looking for whenever you need your plumbing system repaired.

How We Do It

With all the necessary equipment on hand, we can guarantee that we’ll always be prepared for the job. Our crew is knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to all kinds of plumbing-related services, so leave it for us. From residential to commercial plumbing installation services, we can do it all. B&S Plumbing LLC is a company that you need to provide you with quality services.

Additional Areas We Serve

We are professionals that also work with clients in the surrounding areas so that they get excellent results that suit their standards. Those areas include:

  • Stroudsburg, PA
  • Arlington Heights, PA
  • Roseto, PA
  • East Bangor, PA
  • Bangor, PA

If you need our residential and commercial plumbing contractors in Stroudsburg, PA, give us a call now to schedule your appointment!

Client’s Testimonial

by Vicki Sayer on B&S Plumbing LLC
Plumbing Company that Responds to Smaller Jobs

I called several plumbing services last Saturday morning. This business is the only one that responded, and Sean came to my home that same afternoon. He worked several hours to try to find out the cause of my kitchen sink and dishwasher not draining, using different sizes of plumber snakes to no avail. The snakes would go to about 30', then no further. He returned on Wednesday evening at 7 pm and again worked a few hours, traced the pipes, and was able to remedy the problem. It involved removing some ceiling drywall in the basement to find the clog. My renovated kitchen sink plumbing pipes were 1 1/2" PVC connected to older 1 1/4" copper pipes, but Sean snaked through from this jointure in the basement to free the clog. I was so happy after having no use of my kitchen sink/dishwasher for several weeks. The cost was reasonable, tarps down and cleanup completed in basement, and I felt all questions were answered, explanations given throughout the process. I was impressed that this business came to my home on a Saturday and again after dinner on a weekday to remedy my clog. I would not hesitate to call this business for any future plumbing needs!

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Our Services

  • Commercial & Residential Plumbing Services
  • Plumbing Pumps & Drain Cleaning
  • Water Heater Repair & Replacements
  • Sewer System Backups
  • Leak Detection
  • Garbage Disposal Replacement
  • Plumbing Diagnosis & Inspection
  • Plumbing Video Camera Inspection
  • Leaking pipes services
  • Toilet Repair and Replacement / Clogged Toilets
  • Faucet Repair and replacement
  • Shower Repair and Replacement
  • Tub Repair and Replacement
  • Sink Repair and Replacement
  • Outdoor Faucet Plumbing

and more plumbing needs

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