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All the Services that Our Residential and Commercial Plumbing Contractors Provide

B&S Plumbing LLC is a plumbing contractor in Stroudsburg, PA that specializes in a variety of services. Here is the list of all of them.

Water Heater Repair & Replacement

Water heater repair or replacement is a hard job for the non-professional, not to mention a dangerous one. We understand that you can’t be without your water heater for too long, so we will do the job for you expertly and fast, all while taking all safety precautions.

Drain Cleaning

Whether your drain backs up, and the water can’t flow through it, do not panic or try to do the job yourself. With our drain cleaning services, we can solve the problem efficiently and before you know it. Just call us.

Plumbing Pumps

Sump pumps, sewage pumps, or transfer pumps – we can take care of them all. We’ll make sure the fix them so that everything is functioning correctly. Count on our team.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing

We solve all plumbing problems speedily and to your satisfaction, regardless of whether they are with the plumbing system of your home or your business. We also do residential and commercial plumbing installation.

Plumbing Diagnosis & Inspection

We can check the state of your plumbing system and detect problems if there are any.

Plumbing Video Camera Inspection

Our team is equipped with modern plumbing cameras that make the inspection and diagnosis process easier.

Leaking Pipes Services

Pipes that are leaking can do damage to your property and cost you a lot of money in repairs and utility bills. We can fix the leaks for you and save you both money and time.

Toilet Repair and Replacement

A leaking toilet or one that’s backing up is a huge problem that we can solve for you. Spare yourself the headache, and let us do the hard and smelly work for you.

Faucet Repair and Replacement

Dripping faucets can drive anyone crazy, so they should be dealt with as soon as possible. At the first signs of problems with your faucets, call our capable plumbers.

Shower Repair and Replacement

Showers are a great convenience and an indispensable part of modern living. When they don’t function properly, this can worsen your quality of life. Allow us to fix or replace your shower for you.

Tub Repair and Replacement

Other than showers, we also repair and replace tubs. Don’t waste time and energy on DIY tub repair/replacement projects, especially if you don’t have the skills for the job. Leave it all to our experts.

Sink Repair and Replacement

The sink is your faithful domestic helper in everyday activities such as washing your hands, the dishes, or the products you will use for cooking. Don’t delay fixing the sink when it malfunctions, and do call us.

Sump Pump Repair

The sump pump moves water from your basement and out of your home. Therefore, it’s important to the safety of your structure. When the pump breaks, trust our residential and commercial plumbing contractors to fix it.

Garbage Disposal Replacement

A garbage disposal can be a pain to replace if you are not equipped with the knowledge, tools, and skills that it takes to do the job. Let us help you.

Leak Detection

Sometimes leaks aren’t as easy to detect, but they still cause a lot of trouble. Allow us to take this burden off your shoulders.

Sewer System Backups

Now, that’s a nasty problem that can be as smelly as it is dangerous to your health. Besides, it can damage your property. We’ll be glad to come to your aid in times of such trouble and make it go away.

When you need the assistance of a capable plumber in Stroudsburg, PA, call B&S Plumbing LLC at (973) 506-8028! We’ll be fast to respond and provide the required information or service to you.

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